The e-Oral Health Network is an international, interdisciplinary team of researchers and oral health professionals aimed to increase research capacity in the fields of oral health Information, Communication Technologies (ICT) and its related applications to support clinical and public health interventions, as well as educational strategies that use ICT tools and technologies such as teledentistry as a vehicle to improve oral health.

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    Chairs: Janneke Scheerman, Mohammed Shorab, Sergio Uribe Recording available here
    WEDNESDAY, JULY 21 8 AM-9:30 AM [Eastern Daylight Time (-4 UTC)] Successes and Challenges in e-Oral Health and Tribute to Dr. J.O. Andreasen [EOHN/BEHSR/OHR] (SYM) Room: Zoom 3 #IADR2021 #eoralhealth
    Dr Nicolas Giraudeau has been elected as vice-president of the e-oral health network. Dr Giraudeau is President of the Fondation UM and Associate Professor in dental public health. He is PhD in health law e-health and telemedicine. Dr Giraudeau will begin his term at the conclusion of the 2021...
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  • ABout us


    • Promote research into in the fields of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and telehealth applications and related subjects for the improvement of oral health.
    • Encourage communication and co-operation among ICT/telehealth (dentistry) investigators.
    • Provide a forum for discussion among its members and with members of other scientific groups and networks regarding ICT/telehealth (dentistry).
    • Assist the IADR and the AADR in the organization of their Annual Meeting.

    Areas or development

    • MOOCs and e-learning
    • m-oral health
    • Big data analysis
    • ECC and mHealth
    • Online critical appraisal
    • Data management 
    • App for transfer of EBD
    • Teleconsultation and telediagnosis
    • Artificial intelligence and e-health records 
    • Mapping of dental services
    • e-prescription
    • Gamification (g-health)


  • Directives


    Sergio Uribe

    @sergiouribe - LinkedIn

    2020 - 22


    President Elect

    Mohammed Shorab



    Australian-New Zealand

  • Officers

    See current list of officers in the IADR website available here. To contact us, use the contact form below

    Vice President

    • Nicolas Giraudeau, 2021 Continental European


    • Janneke Francisca Maria Scheerman, 2023 Continental European


    • Harsh Priya, 2023 Indian


    2017-2019 Rodrigo Mariño, Australia

    2019-2020 Fernando Neves Hugo, Brazil

    2020-2021 Sergio E. Uribe, Latvia

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    Our Group is open to all members of the IADR – students at any stage in their education, researchers from both academic and industrial settings, and dental professionals are welcome to join the e-OHN, share their expertise, learn from one another and disseminate and discuss their research findings – for the advancement of knowledge on e-oral health and related research areas.
    Feel free to contact us!

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