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2018 IADR e-Oral Health Research Network – Annual Meeting

5.00 – 6.00 pm

Excel Centre, London

Meeting notes

Attendees: Janneke Scheerman; Galit Almoznino; Eli Schwarz; Gerardo Maupome; Frank Fox;

Yusuke Ida; Faleh Tamimi; Sabine Barlette; Rebecca Chen; Rodrigo Mariño; Caren Bavaresco; Elham Emami; Nicolas Giraudeau.

Rodrigo Mariño (RM) opened the meeting by welcoming the present to the first annual meeting of the Network, introduced the E-OHN board and described developments:

  1. In June 2019, after the 2019 annual meeting, the current V-P and President-elect will assume and RM will take the passion of Past-President for one year.

  2. In September 2018, there will be V-P elections. The network received two nominations to stand for election as network Vice-president, one from Australia and one from Chile. The elected V-P would assume in December

RM also summarised that for the 2018, the network had one symposium, and sponsored another to honour Vale Dr Hector Lanfranchi.

RM highlighted that the symposium organised by the network was very well attended. In fact, was the larger attendance ever.

For this meeting, the network had one session with 8 posters, but there was a need to increase the visibility of the network and the number of members, as there were several presentations in other session, which would fit within the scope of the network.

RM also reported that the network sponsored a Symposium for AADR in San Diego, 2018.

  • Nicolas Giraudeau (Treasurer) presented the treasurer’s report and on the membership.

  1. At the time of the meeting the network had 84 members, representing 23 countries, there were 34 students’ member; 29 IADR member and 5 AADR. Additional, there were 49 full-members and 1 life member.

  2. The network also has $ 636.00 in the coffers.

RM also spoke about engagement with the industry to attract industry to sponsors’ awards, for the next IADR meeting. Nicolas Giraudeau indicated the Philips’ representative was present in the meeting.

  • Councillor’s report (Elham Emami).

IADR V-P. There are three nominees.

EE also presented future IADR annual meetings:

2019: Vancouver, Canada

2020: Washington, DC

2021: Chengdu, China

2022: TBA

2023: Bogotá, Colombia

  • Membership.

RM emphasised the need to further promote the Network with active participation of Network members in local IADRs.

The goal would be to increase the network presence in Vancouver -2019 with session proposal, symposiums, workshops, lunch-and-learn, etc.

There were suggestion for Workshop on big data analysis

RM emphasised the need to move fast as the deadline dates for 2019 and 2020 are fast approaching. For Vancouver, it would be November 2018 for symposium and December for abstracts.

Also, about the need to have a more active website and a newsletter. RM would contact IADR HQ to follow on this.

  • Research agenda.

Eli Schwarz suggested to go around the room to better understand the scope and areas of interested of the present.

Topics covered:

  • MOOCs and e-learning

  • Big data analysis

  • ECC and mHealth

  • Online critical appraisal

  • Data management

  • App for transfer of EBD

  • Teleconsultation and telediagnosis

  • Artificial intelligence and e-health records

  • Mapping of dental services

  • e-prescription

Israel discussed the degree on dental informatics.

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