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2019 IADR Scientific Group/Network Officer Elections Submit Your Nomination by May 10, 2019

At this time all IADR Scientific Groups/Networks are collecting nominations. Please visit to see all vacancies and go to to submit a nomination or self-nominate by Friday, May 10, 2019.

Members can apply for only one Scientific Group/Network vacant position per nomination/election cycle. Candidates must be a current member of the Scientific Group/Network in which they been nominated for.

The Scientific Group/Network depends on its members to serve in these important roles to facilitate the mission of the Group/Network.

The IADR Scientific Group/Network Governance Handbook outlines the requirements for standing for office.

Excerpt from IADR Scientific Group/Network Governance Handbook:

“All current members of the SG/N are eligible to serve as officers of the SG/N and vote in the annual election. The annual election of officers is held in conjunction with the IADR general election for Vice-president. Current member is defined by a member of the SG/N that has paid the current year membership dues. Members are both those that have identified the SG/N as their primary affiliation or have added the SG/N to their annual membership.

Each SG/N must nominate a minimum of two individuals to stand for each elected position, vice-president every year and Secretary/Treasurer and Council every three years. Candidates may only stand for election for one position in each election. SG/N officers are able to be elected to the same office, but may not serve more than two consecutive terms for any elected office.

Prospective candidates for the position of vice president, president-elect or president should have held at least 1-2 positions within the SG/N before the actual election date. This requirement allows for better and improved understanding of the general operations and limits disruptions of effective processes within the SG/N.

If an officer does not renew their membership at any time during their term, their term is terminated and remaining officers shall appoint a member of the SG/N to fill the vacant position for the remainder of the term. Individuals completing the term of office are still eligible to serve two consecutive terms for the same elected office.

SG/N that do not provide candidates may risk not receiving the SG/N membership dues collected for that year.”

The election will be held in conjunction with the IADR election beginning in the fall (September). Each IADR Member or Retired members will receive a ballot for the IADR Vice-president and for the officers of any Scientific Group or Network they belong. IADR Student members will only receive the ballot for the Scientific Group or Networks they belong to. Successful candidates will begin their term of service at the conclusion of the 2020 IADR/AADR/CADR General Session and Exhibition in Washington, D.C., USA (March 18-21, 2020).

Officer Descriptions:

Vice-President (2020-2021) (then will serve 1 year as president-elect and 1 year as president)

  • Soliciting nominations for SG/N elected offices
  • The Vice-president will be responsible for identifying candidates to stand for the 3 elected offices of the SG/N.  Each SG/N will need at least 2 individuals to stand for election for each position.  
  • Selection of AADR Councilor to represent SG/N at AADR Council meeting.
  • The Councilor for the IADR is elected by the SG/N membership.  The Councilor to represent the SG/N at the AADR Council shall be appointed by the SG/N Vice-president.  The AADR Councilor must be an AADR member in good standing.
  • Oversight of SG/N budget

All officers have fiduciary responsibility for the SG/N.

Secretary/Treasurer (2020-2023)

  • Completing annual report for GHQ.
  • Per the IADR Constitution the SG/N is required to submit an annual report of activity to the GHQ.  The report is share with the Board and Council.
  • Reporting on SG/N finances at business meeting.
  • The GHQ will provide the SG/N Secretary/Treasurer quarterly updates on membership and on invoices.  It is the responsibility of the Secretary/Treasurer to report at the annual meeting or via email to the membership how the SG/N resources are being utilized, i.e. awards, symposia sponsorship etc.
  • Requesting invoices, payments on behalf of SG/N.
  • The Secretary/Treasurer is the liaison with the GHQ for payments, invoices etc. that are required on behalf of the SG/N.
  • Oversight of SG/N budget

All officers have fiduciary responsibility for the SG/N.

Councilor (2020-2023)

  • Represent SG/N at IADR Council Meeting
  • The primary responsibility of the Councilor is to attend the IADR Council meeting and vote in a manner that is representative of the SG/N policies.  
  • Report to SG/N events arising from Council
  • After the Council meeting the Councilor should report either via email or at the annual business meeting the issues arising from the Council.
  • Science policy liaison
  • The Councilor will also act as a liaison between the GHQ and the SG/N on any science policy issues.  The Councilor will work with the SG/N experts to provide feedback on any questions posed.
  • Oversight of SG/N budget

All officers have fiduciary responsibility for the SG/N.

For additional information please review the IADR Scientific Group/Network Governance Handbook online 

Thank you for your participation!

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