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e-OHN - SUNSTAR travel Award

The eOHN is proud to announce that we arranged the SUNSTAR e-OHN travel Award. The award aims at supporting research within the field of e-oral health. The award consisting of 500 US dollars, will be conferred at the annual IADR General Session & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA, USA (March 13-16, 2024), based on a scientific abstract accepted for the IADR General Session.

The objective is to provide funding primarily, but not exclusively, for a doctoral student or post-doctoral scientist to stimulate dissemination of research results at IADR and pursue research within the field of e-oral health. The applicant must be a student or full-member of the IADR and IADR e-oral health scientific network (e-OHN) at the time of submission deadline.

Please watch the video of Mayumi Kanedi, director of SUNSTAR and visit for more information.