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Newsletter october 2018

Greetings e-(Oral) health network members and welcome to our first Newsletter!

In 2018 there were several landmark events for the network, in particular in London at the
International Association for Dental Research (IADR) meeting last July. This included, the network’s
first poster session, our first official e-Oral Health Network Member Business Meeting, and our first
official symposium. The network also supported a few symposia. This was a great meeting for the
network and we thank our colleagues from the hosting association for such a well organised event.

The network’s membership is growing fast. We greatly appreciate the support of our members in
encouraging IADR members to join the network. However, we still need to increase our visibility and
to continue recruiting new members. If you have ideas about how to advance the network, please
share these with me and others on the Executive Committee. In particular, more participation by
students and early career professionals in the network would be welcomed.

We are also already preparing for the 2019 International Association for Dental Research Meeting in
Vancouver, Canada, June 19-22. Please consider submitting lunch-and-learn or hands-on workshop
proposals, symposia, oral presentations and poster abstracts.
Please do not hesitate to contact us via email! We now also have a Webpage. Please visit:
The eOHN’s website outlines a range of issues related to the use of ICT in oral health which we must
consider to achieve the network objectives.
You will find information there about how to get involved as well as a platform for further
communication with network members and the Executive Committee.

We are a young network, and we want to be able to recognise high quality research in our field at
each IADR meeting. The Executive Committee is actively working on attracting sponsorship from the
industry and other sources to support recognising and rewarding quality research as well as the
participation of students and early career researchers. Members of the Executive Committee are
looking at a number of opportunities linked to WHO. This is major as the eOHN could be the first and
only IADR group or network linked to the WHO.

Once again, please get in touch if you have any ideas or suggestions around gaining more
sponsorship and industry support for our work.
The network is as strong as its members and we believe that collectively we can make an important
contribution to oral health research. So thank you all for the important contribution that you have

In closing, please be certain to cast your vote (electronically) by the November 18, 2018 deadline
(see emails from “”). Along with the new officers for IADR, the eOHN
Executive Committee will be renewed. In particular, the role of Vice President.
Thank you for your interest and involvement in the eOHN. We’re off to very productive start and I
look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Vancouver!
Stay tuned!

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